Berluti. A classic, Also of summer.

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“Under a summer sun in a lush, verdant setting, a group of elegantly attired men gather to eat, drink and take time to relax”. It is from this picture borrowed from Impressionism to the good Alessandro Sartori inspiration for the new collection Berluti SS14. A season where, again, the classic is revisited with grace - and taste -, in a pleasant balance between small and large inventions certainties.
Always very pleasant color palette, the freshness of accessories like hats and confirmed the tendency to remain within the confines of a refined classicism, but never be discounted or trivial. The point of view of tailoring Sartorisorry the game, but the name seems to already contain the essence - In short,, manages to keep that bit of concrete personality that would be nice to see some also associated with many of our designer labels then tailoring ... Further confirmation of a groomed trail and obstacle-free, waiting to know and, hopefully, appreciate the subsequent developments.

MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_01 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_02 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_03 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_04 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_05 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_06 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_07 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_08 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_09 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_10 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_11 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_12 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_13 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_14 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_15 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_16 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_17 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_18 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_19 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_20 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_21 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_22 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_23 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_24 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_25 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_26 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_27 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_29 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_30 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_32 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_33 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_35 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_36 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_37 MensReverie-Berluti-SS14_38

Berluti. Un classico, anche della bella stagione.