Pitti Uomo 83. Sneak Preview:

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Particularly large rich and pleasant the new FW13 collection of Tricker’s. There's something for all tastes without sacrificing the spirit of the label. Also interesting is the exploration of new forms, fact particolamente unusual for this brand. Very funny new brogues ...

Photo by: Luca Merli/Men’s Reverie


Pitti Uomo 83. Sneak Preview:<Br>Tricker’s.
  • Andrea T

    Question: are years that I can buy Trickers of "cutting" contemporary only after hours and hours of sailing around the world of e-commerce worldwide ....... But who has the courage to propose in Italy? I would do without this activity and go back again to the healthy habit of "try on shoes" and leave the store with a brand new pair of Trickers Turf Green. And for Alden even worse! Only Plain Toe and Long Wing Eight color. Help !!! If you have news, I shall be grateful.
    Andrea T

    • Fab

      I do not know where to write but Bellettini Vetralla or Punta Ala has the Alden and I are heirs to chiarini Firenze.Per the Trickers I just bought a pair from Conte in Terni and I think the group has the clark in Rome.

      • Andrea T

        Thank you for your suggestions; apparently we are many to appreciate Trickers. If you happen to go to Rome I suggest a visit to a small but refined shop, Freddy&amp;Freddy.

      • stegiuls

        are particular things early in the season by Iliprandi solferino in milan and is one of the few that allows you to order what you want at your leisure

      • stegiuls

        the most beautiful thing in the world that few understand is the pleasure of ordering a shoe completely custom made to your liking and wait 3/4/5 months but have qlcs unique and unobtainable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alessio

    Beautiful, funny, eccentric sometimes ... ..insomma seems that those of Tricker's if freghino fashions and trends and are instead the "others" to copy them! Beautiful buckle with fringe! Can anyone tell me where you can buy?

  • http://www.facebook.com/marcello.contardi Marcello Contardi

    Tricker's as loyal customer and business operator can testify that unfortunately the most particular models are hard to find on the market Italian. The fear of risking buying pushes retailers to focus on classical models in materials and traditional colors. A good way to find the goodies can be to buy them on ebay store where models are often "rare" or sample, or with a trip to their shop Jermin street in London where there are many models or with higher spending her do customized.

    • Andrea T

      Marcello, I was afraid your confirmation. My dear Trickers for Present London and The Bureau Belfast and Alden for Unionmade remain unbeatable selection of proposals, then, are sincere, no risk of running out of shoes. My thoughts had turned to this poor offer certainly caused by an equally low demand for classic shoes but with a touch of freshness. Lately I've found in Mark Mac Nairy (which cleverly you make shoes from Sanders) a good compromise, and I bought a couple (with tassel loafer green collars pink!) even 170 EUR fire Zalando. Waiting to find a lover in a position to be able to open a Leather Soul in Italy, I greet you in a friendly.

      • stegiuls

        try going to Iliprandi trust

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