45rpm Studio. Nice as always,
also sub-.

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With a winter lookbook which is perhaps a little 'subdued compared to previous years - and justifications we would all be – , 45rpm seems to continue in the progressive distancing from the folk and ethnic issues that had somehow characterized many of his previous collections. Prices in part, label remains a pleasant and excellent content.

And unwatchable, always eats, the various sites ...

45rpm Studio. Piacevole come sempre,<Br> anche sottovoce.

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  1. irony that wins ...

  2. ...'ll Look like a girl but I have to say it! ... As I would like a "closet" as well! ... Is my ME!

  3. Label interesting ... really fun shots and different situations / character represented ...

  4. […] We take a look at 45rpm’s Autumn/Winter lookbook. Always high expectations with this brand and we’re certainly not disappointed this time around. Top notch denim (of course), indigo scarves, structured and unstructured blazers, cargo pants, heavy knitwear, leather jackets and more vests then you can shake a stick at. A lookbook that doesn’t take itself too seriously from a brand that unquestionably deserves to be. (mensrevierie) […]

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