Men's Reverie. Pause, riflessioni e ripensamenti
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Men’s Reverie. Break, reflections and thoughts

I must confess that lately I've worked harder than usual to take care of Men's Reverie, Look for the usual pressing work commitments, Look for a growing fatigue. But among the many reasons that pushed me and supported over the years, unfortunately seems to also have a nested increasing dose of impatience, that has come to undermine my confidence more than a few. I think it is therefore time to take a short - I hope - pause for thought, to try to figure out what the next, natural - and at this point inevitable - "transformation" of MR.

Therefore behooves me, waiting, thank and greet with affection those who wanted me to follow - and support - up to here.



Les Haras, Strasburgo. Dall'hotel alla brasserie, il gusto contemporaneo del design.
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The Stud, Strasbourg. From the hotel's Brasserie, contemporary style of design.

To Strasburgo, a refined redevelopment project designed by the interior design studio Jouin Manku and architects Christian Claude Denu and save. Creativity and innovation have indeed transformed the space of a former stable in the eighteenth century a modern hotel with 55 rooms and in the brasserie of chef Marc Haeberlin, three times Michelin star.


Berluti. Un classico, anche della bella stagione.
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Berluti. A classic, Also of summer.

“Under a summer sun in a lush, verdant setting, a group of elegantly attired men gather to eat, drink and take time to relax”. It is from this picture borrowed from Impressionism to the good Alessandro Sartori inspiration for the new collection Berluti SS14. A season where, again, the classic is revisited with grace - and taste -, in a pleasant balance between small and large inventions certainties.


Idiots. Dall'Olanda, attimi di "eterna" follia creativa.
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Idiots. From the Netherlands, moments of "eternal" creative madness.

Vita and death, attraction and repulsion, amore e odio, poetry and dismay. It is the Dutch duo of Idiots, Afke Golsteijn and Floris Bakker, artists taxidermy subtle and suggestive. Each work is in fact a combination of unusual animal parts and materials such as gold, pearl, glass, ceramics and, above all, is generating mixed feelings, for a constant comparison with decadence and fantasy.


Cloak. L'App a-socialmente indispensabile.
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Cloak. The App-to socially indispensable.

It could be an app dedicated to the undersigned that, certainly, does not shine for a predisposition to life "very social" and rich relationships. It is called Cloak and, just like a 'Cloak' note, promises to cover your shoulders, or hide - or better, Your iPhone - From people and unpleasant encounters.


AMI. La bella stagione muove spunti freschi, più qualche solida certezza.
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AMI. The beautiful season moves fresh ideas, some more solid certainty.

An airport '60s, colors protagonists, a nice clean lines and concepts. Back to the mix of Parisian elegance and simplicity of the province of Alexandre Mattiussi with the new collection AMI SS14, returns on time all the comfort of both leaders “basici” - Pass me the term -, is the most sought after in the forms and details.


Be.e Scooter. Una fuga “eco-friendly”, anche dalla banalità.
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Be.e Scooter. Una fuga “eco-friendly”, also the banality.

Maybe I'll be in a period of general intolerance, scooter but pleasing design or minimally interesting, do not know Ben Poch. Rather, I do not see their. There would then be a few Italian brands that could afford something more original, or particular, However, the impression is that they continue to serve everyone a chronic lack of "vision" and, in many (too many) cases, just a modicum of taste.


Stefano Zagaglia. La sua Africa.
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Stefano Zagaglia. Its Africa.

“Leone, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo, in my paintings are alive, and skulls taken off life and treat yourself to the dust of a living room. They are portraits of animals sun-kissed dawn or fleeing the look of hand drawn to a noise. Are zebras or giraffes trotting looking for a higher leaf. There are moments in life, of loneliness, aggregation. I am a small concentration of life and my tribute to Africa ".


Sartoria Cicli. Da Milano, un nuovo e piacevole percorso di qualità.
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Tailoring Cycles. Milano, a new and pleasant path quality.

"Move with style"
è l’assunto, the beating heart and the essential concept of tailoring Cycles. And its owners, Luca Lanzani and Simone Russo, continue to apply to any product - or better, each project - With great creativity and design always highly sought.


Sougwen Chung. Frammenti di un'artista completa.
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Sougwen Chung. Fragments of a complete artist.

Sougwen Chung
is a young artist “Canadian-born, Chinese-raised, New York based”, visionary whose originality I was pleasantly impressed. In fact, many installations, drawings, le opere, le performance – and the list prosegue ... - That the talented Chung has already been able to show in America, Ed Asia Europe, and there are so many emotional chords on which is able to leverage.